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Pavia, 1996.

After classical studies she enrolled in the Painting course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.


Her artistic research, inextricably linked to the book, both as a literary source of inspiration and as a formal support, takes the shape of artist’s books.
‘In the beginning was the book’ and, even before that, the sketchbook with its bound pages in whose intimate dimension, to be discovered by leafing through, she found hers.
Placed within it, the images of the mind - initially faces - acquired order and coherence, becoming sequences of unknown stories.
Subsequently growing the need to equip the pages with a more structured narrative, she began to create illustrated books that in turn drew from the pages of literature. 
She paid particular attention to the mythological and fairy-tale genres and to the study of archetypes that - as symbols of human nature - they present themselves in the stories as timeless images, making these tales surprisingly current.
Alongside an investigation of the anatomy of the story, its structure and function, color has acquired body within the pictorial experimentation.
In an increasingly material stratification of oil and acrylic, it has gradually become more protagonist, taking on its own narrative dimension alongside the figures, no longer illustrations subordinated to writing, but impressions born from a text and from this become independent.
From the traditional bound pages, the books open to a research aimed at exploring the different possibilities of format and expression.

Attracted by narration and reproduction in multiples, she attended a specialization course in printmaking at "The Bison Foundation" in Florence and was also interested in editorial illustration.



2021        Milan, Imagines ex fabula: Il colore racconta, by Alberto Corvi and Stefano Cortina, Cortina gallery


2022        Mestre (VE), Finalists collective Mestre Painting Prize, Candiani Center
                Florence, Un anno al Bisonte, The Bison Foundation

2021        Milan, Finalists collective Rotary Prize, by Stefano Cortina, Cortina gallery
2019        Milan, Bocca Bookshop (Vittorio Emanuele Gallery)
                Lugano (CH), Dopo Keith Haring, by Andrea B. Del Guercio, Five Gallery
                Inveruno (MI), Inverart
                Buscate (MI), Finalists collective Filippo Villa Prize, Civic Hall
                Milan, GrandArt Fair, with Five Gallery
                Lugano (CH), WopArt Fair, with Five Gallery
                Milan, Laboratorio Espositivo. Il valore dell’arte, by Andrea B. Del Guercio, Spazio HUS
                Naples, V Biennale del Libro d'Artista, by Giovanna Donnarumma and Gennaro Ippolito, S. Domenico Maggiore
                Milan, Accademia Aperta, Brera Academy of Fine Arts
                Camaiore, Del Colore e della Luce, by Andrea B. Del Guercio and Pier Paolo Dinelli, Chiesa della Misericordia

2018         Rome, Accademia Aperta, by Omar Galliani, Pavart gallery
                 Lugano (CH), Leggere. Ascoltare, by Andrea B. Del Guercio, Five Gallery
                 Trento, La Noce, by A. Zanotti, N. Tamanini e G. Rocca, Palazzo Trentini
                 Lugano (CH), Contemporanea. Opere per una collezione, by Andrea B. Del Guercio, Five Gallery

2017         Arena Po (PV), Osservatorio 9, by Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Palazzo Mandelli
                 Montecchio Emilia (RE), Atelier Galliani, by Omar Galliani, ex Macello
                 Milano, Accademia Aperta, by Omar Galliani, galleria VS Arte Contemporanea
                 Monza, Accademia Aperta, by Omar Galliani, VS Arte e Streetartpiu, Casa Novecento

2016         Trento, Nel Disegno, by Gianluigi Rocca e Alessandro Togni, Spazio Color


2022            Mestre Painting Prize (special mention)

2021            Federico Mighetto Foundation Prize

2020            RotaryClub Milan EsponiMi Prize
2019            Filippo Villa Prize (exhibition winner)
                    Equita Prize for Brera
                    Legger, oh!- Libris in fabula


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